Position Available at the Food Bank

Posted on: 02-27-2015

The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana has a position open for SNAP Outreach Coordinator. Please see the Job Description for... More

Have H&R Block Prepare Your Taxes and Help the Food Bank!

Posted on: 01-01-2015

H&R Block will donate $20 to the Food Bank if you mention us when you have them prepare your taxes!

There are currently no upcoming events.


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Summer Feeding-Hunger Never Takes a Vacation! - 03-01-2014

Summer Feeding for Children in 2014

SFSP (Summer Feeding Service Program)

1 in 5 children in Northwest Louisiana are food insecure. Most of these children rely on the breakfast and lunch served each day at their school.  How are they going to eat this summer?  Hunger never takes a vacation!   The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana is preparing for the summer now.


Does your non-profit organization offer an established summer program for children?


If your organization doesn’t have the capacity to cook meals, and you are willing to undergo training and maintain records for the SFSP Program, you may be eligible to receive free shelf-stable meals for your existing children’s summer program. 


For more information please contact:

 Marleah Walker, Agency Relations Coordinator

by April 1, 2014

318-675-2400 ext. 108



Application for Summer Feeding Program

Rules for acceptance and participation in the program are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or handicap. Any person alleging discrimination on the basis of race color, national origin, age sex, or handicap has the right to file a complaint within 180 days of the alleged discriminatory action with the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana or the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, P.O. Box 3481, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70821-3481, phone (225)922-1319.